DBD Promise

In an industry rife with conflicts of interest, we operate as a private, fee-only firm focused exclusively on providing objective and pragmatic advice and service to our clients. What you get above all is candor. We call it as we see it and will not encourage you to pursue projects simply to enrich our fee base.  We understand and respect that the final decision is always yours, and you will encounter no hard-sell or pressure tactics from us.

Should you choose to engage us, we promise:

  • You will be actively listened to so we correctly understand what it is YOU are trying to achieve. If we can’t deliver against your objectives, then we’ll tell you right up front. We understand that the last thing you need when you have an urgent issue to resolve is another passenger!
  • You will not be bamboozled with technical talk or jargon, and our interactions with you and your staff will be both pleasant and non-intimidating.  After all, you are paying us to help you resolve an issue, not to have us demonstrate how smart we are.
  • Your organization will not receive a barrage of data requests or get swamped with junior-level people.  Our objective is to cause the minimum level of business disruption possible while addressing the problem at hand.
  • You will be offered an informed and honest professional opinion in a reasonable, pre-agreed timeframe
  • We will never look to widen the project scope in an attempt to sell you services you neither need nor want.
  • You can count on our discretion. We will handle the situation and all information provided as strictly confidential.


Please contact us for a free initial consultation if this approach to helping solve your problem or meet your challenge appeals to you.